To reach us

This is the route to find us easily !

To reach us: from the airport follow Basse-Terre . Turn right on road  D23 and follow west the road of the « Traversée » wich crosses this part of Guadeloupe, you will reach the Mamelles pass ( 768 meters, 2520 feet) follow the direction of Pointe-Noire and Bouillante. Enjoy crossing the tropical forest !  When you get to see the Caribbean sea, at the first and only  stop sign , turn left (south) on N2 toward Bouillante, sea must be on you right . Pass the Malendure beach, 500 meters after La Touna restaurant  ( restaurant is on your right), right before the river Losteau , you will see on your left the sign  Morne Tarare , take that direction and go uphill, keep right going up  (about 300 m), on top, drive slightly down and you will find Maryjacktropic next to “le Nid Tropical” and “Mayo” , our neighborgs, we will be there to welcome you… Print this itinerary and take it with you ! Tel : 05 90 98 25 46 Cell phone:  06 90 51 12 16 .

To rent a car you can go with the major campanies or rent from a local one, local companies are usually cheaper but cars are not always as recent, do not hesitate to ask us adresses.